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LaKeisha has The Right Experience, The Right Vision, and The Right Purpose when it comes to her campaign for Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court. Below are just a few of her ideas for making the Clerk's Office work for everyone. 

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritize the customer experience by improving accessibility 

LaKeisha has over a decade of relative legal experience with the Ouachita Parish Clerk's Office as well as clerk's offices across the region, from representing clients to supervising attorneys doing the same.  As a result, she understands well the strengths and limitations of this Office when it comes to service access and delivery, and the needs of those who use the Office most often. She believes we can improve the customer experience by meeting those needs with improved access to court information and an expansion of services offered.

 Accordingly, her platform includes the development of a Legal Resource Center as well as a Domestic Violence Service Center, which will offer a safe, secure environment for those seeking relief to get information and conduct their business; technology and program upgrades to make the onsite and website interface more user-friendly, system integration to reduce costs, and expansion of the online payment system (E-Pay) to reduce billing costs and increase options for individuals and firms to monitor and settle their accounts. She also plans to conduct regular assessments in order to ensure the Office continues to meet the ever evolving needs of the community.

Employee Morale  

Optimize human resource potential with sound managerial practices

LaKeisha believes employee morale and customer service tend to go hand in hand. As a manager at Legal Services of North Louisiana, she utilized her education in business management (with an emphasis in Human Resource Management) to successfully exercise her responsibility for office administration and supervision of staff attorneys and support staff across the program's three locations serving a twenty-six (26) parish-wide service area (41% of the 64 parishes of Louisiana). As a manager, she made a point to value not only those who walk through the door but also those who work behind it, and aims to do the same as Clerk of Court.

With that in mind, her plan is to maintain a professional and respectful culture within the Office at all times; encourage transparency by way of an open-door policy for fresh ideas, concerns, and complaints; and conduct regular assessments to help measure, understand, and improve employee satisfaction. She also plans to utilize her position as an attorney to include, as part of staff training, relevant legal concepts so that the staff can improve work product and better understand the ethical and judicial implications of their work. Lastly, she plans to develop and implement effective cross-training and succession training to maximize staff performance, efficiency and flexibility, which in turn helps satisfy the priority of improving the customer experience overall.

Financial Performance 

Exercise financial discipline by streamlining the budget

LaKeisha's professional education in business, having earned a Master of Business Administration; her managerial experience at Legal Services of North Louisiana, a non-profit held to strict financial award guidelines; and her practical experience as a business owner, have together afforded her a broad base of knowledge from which to draw in a variety of relevant areas. These areas include accounting, finance, operations, marketing and strategy. This knowledge will aid her in making smart financial decisions, which will ultimately improve the financial performance of the Office.

She understands the dire circumstances in which the Office has found itself financially over the past several years and the controversies that followed. Therefore, LaKeisha's plan is to engage in a sound, fiscally conservative approach going forward. By streamlining the budget and ending any wasteful spending, the Office can not only generate sufficient income to cover existing expenses, but generate additional income to improve and expand upon the services offered.

If you have additional ideas that you would like to recommend or concerns you would like to see addressed, feel free to CONTACT US!

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